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Roots Meeting Place

The coffee is always on and the biscuits always plentiful at the Meeting place. This is the place for those in recovery to meet with others who are on the same journey and to exchange views and opinions in support of one another.


In addition, multiple activities start from, or happen in, the meeting place. Pool, Table Tennis, Table Football, Weight Workouts are just some of the things that are on offer. We also organise bike rides and walks from the centre.

We are there  Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 2pm. Find us here 

Roots Mentors

Group support is great and friendships built in the meeting place will be invaluable but there will be times when you just want to talk one to one with someone who has been down the road before you. Someone who knows how you feel and knows where to find the help you will need.

A Roots mentor can be that person. Not only will they have life experience but they will also be specifically trained in all aspects of the Recovery Journey

Roots Support Groups

A Roots Support Group is a small group of 10 to 12 people meeting together to discuss, motivate and support each other in their Recovery Journey.

These groups typically meet weekly and provide the opportunity for people to share the issues they are facing personally and also discuss general issues that affect us all on our recovery Journey. All meetings are lead by an experienced facilitator.

At all points during the meeting no-one will be forced to  speak. We know that  just listening in can also be very beneficial to peoples recovery

Roots Recovery Course (15weeks)

The Recovery Course is 12 step programme which is open to anyone struggling with any sort of addiction or any compulsive behaviour, including drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling and self-harming.


It is a good starter for those completely new to recovery as well as those who have been in recovery for years, but who would like to take a fresh look at the steps from a Christian perspective.

​For more information go to:

Roots Recovery Programme

Whether you are still using or already in recovery we are here to help you with the journey. We can arrange a medical assessment, help you plan and execute a detox, refer you into rehab and help you assimilate back into the community.


Our volunteers are trained to help you create your own individual recovery plan and support you on all stages of the journey.


Roots partners with Keys Community Detox for its training and medical backup

Roots Recovery is a service provided by Roots in Christ.

Roots in Christ provides services to the community from a Christian perspective. It is a ministry of Darlington Baptist Church & Kings Church Darlington 


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