ROOTS Recovery

Roots Recovery seeks to help those in the community who are struggling with addiction and who want to change their life. 

Roots Meeting Place

Open Mon, Wed and Fri Roots Meeting Place is somewhere that you can make and catch up with friends who are on a similar Recovery Journey to you.

Roots Mentors

We are not meant to do life on our own. The success of our recovery depends on letting people help us.


A Roots Mentor is there to support you in your Recovery Journey

Roots Recovery Course

The Recovery Course is based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous seen from a Christian perspective.

It provides practical insight and support to help both men and women on the path to freedom from the grip of addiction.

Roots Recovery Programme

The Recovery Journey is long and complex. From Detox, through to Rehabilitation and on to integration into a new community, requires planning and support. 

Roots has access medically trained people who can help you both plan and execute on that journey 

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People's Stories

Some of those who have sought help through Roots

MC's Testimony

I was such a traumatised kid, full of fear and disconnected from the world. That all changed when I found drugs. They gave me courage and confidence and I felt like I’d finally found myself. It was all a laugh at the start but then I got involved in taking one drug after another ending up on Heroin.

I've been in and out of prison since I was 15. My life was one of using, living in hostels or on the streets, going to jail and repeating. I thought that that’s how it would be forever.

That started to change one day when I was sat outside the drug agency with my friend and Liam pulled up and asked if he could buy us lunch. He was very friendly and kind. Not only did he buy us lunch, he invited us to church the next Sunday. We went and we were given such a warm welcome. I really enjoyed the worship music.

Liam kept in contact with us. He was very supportive. He knew what we were going through because he’d been there himself. I’ll never forget how he made us feel better about ourselves. He made us feel like we were worth something, at a time when I felt worthless. Liam introduced us to Tony who was kind and helpful too.

Sometime later, my drug worker managed to get me a place in a treatment centre. And while I was waiting for a place, my boyfriend and I decided to go to London. We lived on the streets, begging all day and night and getting wrecked. One day we were begging on London Bridge and it started to rain, so we moved over the road under some scaffolding to keep dry. About an hour later a van came speeding along the bridge mounted the kerb and men got out and started stabbing people, it was madness. The armed police turned up and everyone was evacuated off the bridge, we walked past the spot we had been sat at before it rained and there were casualties, people being revived by paramedics.


That was the London Bridge terror attacks and I know now, that God saved me that night because I’d already surrendered. 


I landed in treatment not long after that. Tony supported me and came to visit. He also helped to get me into supported housing with a follow on rehab. 

I have been clean for 3 years now. I have been doing volunteer work and I am now in paid work. That's a first!

I’m really grateful that I’ve had this chance for a new way of life and the continuous support from Roots (Liam and Tony)

For a more complete version of this testimony go here

DJ's testimony

I don’t even remember when it got so bad, I had been drinking most of my life, but it was around 6 years ago that it all came to a head. I had destroyed my marriage and wrecked the relationship with my parents and family. I was living in a flat on my own with no contact from the outside world other than work. My family, wife and children did not even know where I was.

I was still working in childcare, but I tried to fit all my shifts in over the weekend so that I could spend the rest of the week drinking. When I was not at work, I was totally off my head.

The first turning point came when I reached out to my parents and they intervened in my life. They saw how bad I was and insisted that I go to rehab. I agreed to go, more out of obedience than desire. I was in that Christian rehab for 9 months and, even though it got me sober, I just did not get on with it. So, I left as soon as I could and came back to live with my mum & dad.

Everything was OK for a short while. I was sober and I had a roof over my head, but the demons were still there and, as a result, it got bad again very quickly. I started drinking again and had to leave the family house.


I was homeless for a short while but was eventually housed in emergency B&B accommodation with a view to moving into a hostel from there.

It was the Hostel support workers that told me about Roots, and I arranged to meet up with them. Our first meeting was in a café in the church. We talked about my situation and started to form a plan of action. This plan sent me back to a different Christian rehab but this time I owned the decision. I wanted to get well; I wanted a new way to live. So, when I came out, I continued to engage with Roots. I went to recovery meetings, I had one-to-one meetings with my mentor, and I started to volunteer in the kitchen of the church café.

That was 2 years ago. Today, I am still sober. I have a flat. I have done some security training with a view to getting back to work. I have a new relationship with my parents. I am seeing my children and genuinely playing a part in their upbringing. My daughter regularly stays with me for extended periods.

It is not easy, and it sometimes feels like slow progress, but life is so much better now. When I run up against life's problems, I no longer turn to the bottle, I reach out for help from others and move on. One step at a time, one day at a time.

GS's Testimony

I had a loving family, a nice car, a great job, an apartment, an amazing girlfriend a great group of friends and my amazing little boy what more could anyone want....


However I found myself loosing absolutely everything through cocaine and gambling addictions that became out of control and took me to a very dark place which I thought there was no way out of.

I remember arriving at my parents house to beg for help and support as I wanted to end my life. I remember knocking on the door and breaking down into tears before pushing my way past them and going straight to my old bedroom. I didn’t speak to them or come out of my room for 4 days. I shut myself away from reality thinking it might all go away.

However after 4 nights of literally hiding in my bedroom and not understanding how I had ended up like this, my mum and dad convinced me I needed help and to start by going to the doctors.

When I arrived at the doctors I broke down again and explained I didn’t want my life to continue. I was 35 year old, I had nothing and I was crying in front of my parents and a doctor I didn’t even know. The doctor referred me to NECA, an addiction support agency in Darlington. My mam drove me there immediately. 


I still had no faith that anybody would be able to give me the help I felt I needed, as I didn’t think anyone would understand.

It was after my meeting at NECA I asked my parents if I could attend rehab but it turned out that the cost was just too much. I felt like I was back at square one and actually went out that night and used again.

The next day NECA called and asked if I’d be interested in connecting with Roots, a Christian support group in Darlington. There was a chance that they could help with rehab. That same day I met with Tony from Roots and 2 weeks later I was off to rehab. This proved to be the turning point in what was to become my recovery journey.

On my return from rehab I have continued to engage with Roots, attending network support meetings and their 12 step Recovery Course. I also have regular coffee and catch up meetings with my Roots Mentor.

My journey through addictions has been one massive rollercoaster ride and I know my recovery journey will last a lifetime, but with great support and a network of "clean" friends behind me, it is so much easier.